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Welcome to the Facebook friends caption contest. Just like any contest, we have to have some rules. Please look over the list of guidelines outlined below before you enter the contest. Facebook Friends Caption Contest Rules:

1. The contest photo will be posted on Facebook page Here on Tuesday, May 29th. All captions must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Wednesday, June 6th and voting/”likes” will close at 12:00 noon Friday, June 8th with the winner announced immediately after. (All times Mountain Time)

2. Captions that are offensive, derogatory, in poor taste (as determined solely by and not in the spirit of what is about, will be promptly deleted.

3. Only one caption per person for each contest.

4. Each contestant will be required to "like" the BuyMyTrailer Official Business Facebook page Here

5. The caption/comment with the most “likes” is the winner, voters will have to become friends of the BuyMyTrailer Facebook page Here to vote.

6. The winner will receive one $100 visa gift card.

7. You may only win one contest per 12 months.

Have Fun!!