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Business Website Boosts Relationship With Clients
02-06-2018, 03:42 AM
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Business Website Boosts Relationship With Clients
Estimates are that nearly half of all small businesses do not have their own websites. For many, they see the benefits of having such a site, but they've let their fears stop them from establishing a Dubai Email Lists foothold on the Internet, the most commonly used research method today. Simply put, the Internet is where most people investigate products and weigh options before making purchases.

To get ahead, business owners must face their fears and begin to see that the benefits of having a website far outweigh any risks. With a website, you can, among other things:

* help potential clients see how you are different from your competitors,

* present yourself as an expert in your field and gain credibility,

* save time by answering common questions about goods or services,

* share ideas for new products and offerings, and gain feedback,

* profile your company's history, yourself, your team and your products,

* cultivate a valuable relationship with your clients and potential clients,

* target specials to those who frequent your site and develop a following,

* post testimonials from satisfied clients and let them help sell you,

* create connections through social media and email interactions.

Whatever you want to do with your website, when you develop it, you have the control. Unfortunately, if you don't control your message, others may take it upon themselves to do so for you. For example, several online listing sites provide just basic information about neighborhood businesses - name, address, phone number, type of business - and little more. With these lists, they allow for public comment or reviews. Unless you are engaged and monitoring these sites, negative or false statements could be made without any opportunity for you to respond or react.

By creating your own site, you lead the way. More often than not when an individual does a search for your business name, the first listing in that search result will be your website.

Know your goal. Different websites have different purposes. Some simply inform. Others encourage interaction. Some call people to action. Others ask for donations. Think about your purpose for the site. If it's to generate sales, for example, you'll want to have photos and descriptions that make it easy for clients to make a selection, click a few buttons, pay for the items, and get them delivered.

Hire a designer. Building your own website is possible, but like most handcrafted items, it's going to look that way. Professional does not mean fancy. Your website should reflect you and your business, not the whims of the designer. If you've decided your goal is to inform and entice, you may want the designer to provide multiple pages for different aspects of the business with a listing of your phone number on every page, so that potential clients find it easy to pick up the phone and call whenever the mood strikes.

Use your content wisely. Again, going back to your goal and purpose, recognize that your content tells the world who you are and what you do. You don't need dozens of pages to achieve those goals, but you do need to use your pages wisely. Include contact information on every page - name, address, phone number, and possibly an email address. Pages should include not only your "Home" page, but also a "Product" or "Services" page, "Contact" or "Location" page, and a "Mission" or "About Us" page. On each page, you'll want to share information that benefits the reader. Remember it's not just about what you want to say, but also about what the reader needs to hear.

Don't forget about it. Too often business owners take the "set it and forget it" approach to their websites. For the best results, you'll want to continue to update the site and engage your audience. Make note of any new products or services. Add answers to more questions. Allow clients to share comments about their experiences. Create a blog to share your expertise. And be sure to market your website by listing the address on business cards, shopping bags and other promotional materials.

Having a website to promote your business has become critical in recent years. Regardless of your target audience, more Facebook Users Email Lists and more people of all age brackets are using the internet to find goods and services. To keep you business at the forefront of their minds, you'll want your name to be among the first ones they see. Your website is part of building your long-term relationship with them.
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