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Manufacturers and their Representatives please read this first.
04-24-2012, 06:07 PM
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Manufacturers and their Representatives please read this first.
Hello Manufacturers and their Representatives,

We welcome you to participate in this forum, but request that you identify yourself so that we can better understand your background, knowledge base and the angle you are coming from when in a discussion. If you do not register as a Trailer Manufacturer and try to alter the balance of the board with your obvious bias, you will be banned and it publically announced.

Please check in this section by posting a new thread telling us who you are, the company you own or work for and what you do at that company. We will add the title “Trailer Manufacturer” to your profile so that the people of the forum are informed of your area of expertise.

Your participation in this board can be a way to help you display your customer service and support by clearing up any issues, misunderstandings and or lack of product knowledge that might be presented in the forums regarding your product.

There are a couple ground rules that you must adhere to in order to remain a positive aspect of this board and not a hindrance or distraction.

1.) You are bound by the Code of Conduct, Guidelines, Policies and Rules that everyone who registers with this forum is held to.

2.) You are asked to refrain from making comments on posts about other manufacturers as this could become counterproductive and unprofessional.

3.) You are asked to not post any advertising, marketing or sales propaganda whatsoever.

Remember that you are representing your company and that professionalism should be first and foremost when posting on the forums.
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